11.11.22 - UK's LARGEST WILDFLOWER AREA - North Devon will become the largest wildflower area in the UK after the National Trust plans to plant 86 hectares of seed. If you would like a wildflower and biodiversity area in your office grounds contact us today for a bespoke quote.

04.09.22 - CHRISTMAS TREES - It is that time of year again when we start ordering your Christmas Trees for delivery, installation and decoration and recycling post Christmas. Visit our tree page here or email for a quote for your home or office.

19.08.22 - SEPTEMBER CUTTING - As September approaches it is time to start cutting back the garden for winter. At little Tree we provide a year round planting plan and assistance to ensure your garden and grounds stay good all year round. Ask us today about a planting plan.

25.06.22 - WORK T-SHIRTS - We are pleased to announce that Little Tree Landscaping workers are now wearing new uniforms on sites.  Look out for our new uniforms in gardens near you, they can be found on our gallery page here.

14.04.22 - INDOOR PLANTS - A commercial client recently asked for a reception plant as well as pot installations externally. Pictures can be found on our gallery page here or on the internal plant page.

31.03.22 - TENDERS - Little Tree Landscaping recently provided two bids for landscaping care home providers. With a full range of gardening services and competitive pricing the Little Tree tenders team can provide bespoke quotes to suit your commercial needs. For a free quote contact us on 0333 130 0993 or email
23.02.22 - EQUALITY - A recent staff survey shows that 50 percent of  Little Tree staff identify as LGB and / or disabled.  A spokesman for Little Tree commented "Diversity is welcome within the Little Tree family and we welcome staff from all backgrounds to  help us become the landscaping business of choice".
13.01.22 - BIODIVERSITY - Farmers will now be paid for landscape recovery projects and nature reserves under new subsidy schemes.  Farmers will  receive Government cash to restore hedgerows, wildflower meadows and wilding areas.  If you are a farmer and would like biodiversity assistance contact us today on 0333 130 0993 or email

24.11.21 - CHRISTMAS TREES - Little Tree Landscaping is pleased to announce that Christmas tree orders have been extended until the 8th December. To purchase please visit our Christmas tree page, call 0333 130 0993 or email