Lawn Care

Regular lawn care and bespoke lawn maintenance appointments. Equipment and tools included.


With a regular lawn service you ensure premium care of your turf. Depending on the time of year, you can schedule weekly, fortnightly or monthly lawn mowing appointments with us online.

Edging and Borders

Neatly trimming the edges of your lawn, or shaping it to fit other garden features.  A system of decorative borders are available for installation.

Lawn aeration

This lawn maintenance procedure is performed in spring and early autumn. It improves air and water flow to the roots of the grass. The service can be combined with lawn feeding or top – dressing.


This helps address patchiness and generally boosts the health of your lawn. The task is also done as a preventative measure against thatch and moss build up.

Top dressing

Usually completed after aeration or overseeding to speed up your lawn recovery. It involves applying a special mix of topsoil and sand to the grassed area.


Depending on the type of grass you have, seasonal conditions of your garden and the specifics of the lawn’s site (level of sunlight exposure and shade), we can advise you on the right fertiliser for your grassed area.
Our lawn maintenance service is available on for a specific task or on a weekly, monthly plan